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Opportunity enrichment for sustainable futures is at the core of this work.

Future Centers


In May 2006, fourteen innovation experts started a unique two-year exploration tour in which they explored Future Centers and other future-oriented working environments. They visited, experienced, analyzed and prototyped over thirty centers in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Israel and elsewhere.

The experts were part of the OpenFutures project, which was funded by the European Commission as part of the sixth framework program for collaborative working environments. OpenFutures project explored Future Centers and other future-oriented open innovation environments from four perspectives.


Future center summits

There have been two International Future Center Summits, both organized by members of the Future Center Alliance:

  • 2005 in the Netherlands
  • 2006 in Italy

The Summits brought together key thinkers involved in establishing, designing, and running future center and innovation center¬†initiatives across Europe and Asia. Both events included three days of varied activities for working on new concepts and methodologies for Future Centers, innovation workspaces, and labs for social innovation. The format of both Summits was “the exploration tour”: learning journeys to visit locations relevant to the themes explored. (more…)

Future Center Alliance

FCA: Future Center Alliance

FCA is an alliance of master practitioners in the art and practice of creating, running and supporting Future Centers. The goal of the Alliance is to promote the effective realization of the Future Center concept in diverse domains. The eight core partners are experienced professionals working in the field of social and societal innovation, intellectual capital and collaborative workspace design. Their work ranges from academic and action research to hands-on problem solving in practice. (more…)