Educore helps organizations face future challenges through user-centered innovation.

Opportunity enrichment for sustainable futures is at the core of this work.

About Educore

Educore BV is a consulting company specializing in user-centered innovation processes. Working from the Netherlands, it takes part in innovation projects throughout the world. Founded in 1991, Educore has worked on diverse projects to facilitate non-technical innovation: work process renewal, participative planning and policy-making, future orientation, knowledge innovation and organizational learning. These projects often involve the collaboration of multi-party stakeholders in public-public and public-private partnerships. The integration of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit characterizes this work.

Since 2000 Educore has increasingly focused on helping organizations in the public sector become more responsive to the future, in order to create sustainable solutions to societal issues. Working with Future Center concepts is a powerful way to achieve this goal.

Educore’s work often involves projects dealing with physical infrastructure: water management, road transport, spatial planning and sustainable development issues. Much of this work involves developing effective, innovative solutions to issues involving diverse government, business, citizen and stakeholder organizations. Among other things, it entails establishing and maintaining an open atmosphere for discussion, in which people are able to discover and explore common ground, clarify issues, focus on defining challenges and finding sustainable, mutually acceptable solutions. Opportunity enrichment is at the core of the Educore work process: finding and enriching opportunities for moving forward, translating intentions into action, and the ability to motivate and inspire people to develop and carry out their own ideas, are essential in this work.

Educore is dedicated to working against the forces in society that keep people from using their talents and intelligence to full advantage.