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Innovation Luminary Awards

An event related to the OI2.0 conference is the second annual Innovation Luminary Awards, which will be presented on June 11 2014 at a special gala dinner at Dublin City Hall.

The recipients of this year’s awards will be enrolled into the Innovation Luminary Academy and will have stewardship for the selection of future Innovation Luminaires. The recipient Luminaries have been designated by the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference Steering committee for their extraordinary achievements and their potential to inspire the next generation of innovators worldwide. A pivotal element of Open Innovation 2.0 is innovation adoption. With the existence of role models or exemplars being of particular importance in encouraging innovators to drive the diffusion of their ideas, innovations and solutions to wide scale adoption.

More information about the Luminary awards is available here:


Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2014: June 12th in Dublin

This year’s Open Innovation 2.0 Conference will take place on June 12 at the Dublin Convention Centre and is jointly organised by the European Commission / Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group – OISPG, Intel Labs Europe, and Dublin City Council.

Following the success of the inaugural Open Innovation 2.0 Conference (OI2.0), held last year under the Irish Presidency of the EU, this year’s event will bring together high-level decision makers, leading innovation experts and practitioners from across the globe for a whole-day conference devoted to inspiring sessions and interaction on Open Innovation 2.0 business models and ecosystems.

OI2.0 2014 is organised around the concept of short speeches, strong interaction and further development of ideas. Leading innovation thought leaders will present their latest insights; European policy leaders will contribute to the design of the European Innovation ecosystems; and the first feedback from the new European research and innovation framework, Horizon 2020, will be presented.

The inaugural Open Innovation 2.0 Conference held last year under the Irish Presidency of the EU was an outstanding success and resulted in the adoption of The Dublin Innovation Declaration! The conference gathered together high-level decision makers, leading innovation experts and practitioners from across the globe. Together they co-created a document to pave the way for future innovation policies and actions to increase prosperity and wealth, and to create more jobs and growth in Europe. Another milestone during the two-day event was the adoption of the Open Innovation 2.0 paradigm (OI2) formulated in an integrated way and respectively published in a whitepaper. The OI2 paradigm consists of twenty building blocks, which will be thoroughly discussed at this year’s conference.

Confirmed speakers include Henry Chesbrough, Richard Straub, Ronan Stephan, Dan Marom, Jim Jagielski, Stefan Schepers, Martin Curley, and Bror Salmelin.

For more information visit OISPG and follow the event on Twitter: @0I2Dublin2014

The draft conference agenda can be downloaded here: open-innovation-20_programme-20141

Open Innovation 2.0

Open Innovation is the use of internal and other companies’ ideas to develop new businesses. Open Innovation 2.0 is an exciting new approach, a mash-up of ideas into action to make things happen.

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Illustration by Peti Buchel of Beeldleveranciers, 2012.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation is one of the important components of the foreseen European Innovation System, where all stakeholders need to be involved in a Quadruple helix innovation model. This model outlines user-oriented innovation models. In addition, Open innovation can create the seamless interaction and mash-up for ideas needed in such innovation ecosystems.

See Henry Chesbrough, Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology, 2003 and the Center for Open Innovation from the Berkeley University.

Open Innovation 2.0

Open Innovation 2.0 takes full advantage of cross-fertilisation of ideas and drives for experimentation and prototyping in real world, to speed up and increase the potential for innovation. It is a catalytic, positive approach for innovation which helps solving key European challenges by embracing change, not resisting it!

We drive the Open Innovation 2.0 paradigm towards recognition and adoption in Europe, in all sectors. The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) works on increasing knowledge and ICT intense sectors to respond to highly open and competitive ecosystems needed to create new markets and ICT and knowledge based products and services.

There are 5 key elements in the new innovation process:

  • Networking
  • Collaboration involving partners, competitors, universities, and users;
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship, enhancing corporate venturing, start-ups and spin-offs;
  • Proactive Intellectual Property Management: to create markets for technology;
  • Research and Development (R&D): to achieve competitive advantages in the market.

Quadruple Helix Model

We base our thinking on Quadruple Helix innovation models – involving institutional bodies, research sphere, business sector, and citizens in the process. This new generation of open innovation leads to stronger economic impact and better user experience in Europe.

[Text adopted from the European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe website:]