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In May 2006, fourteen innovation experts started a unique two-year exploration tour in which they explored Future Centers and other future-oriented working environments. They visited, experienced, analyzed and prototyped over thirty centers in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Israel and elsewhere.

The experts were part of the OpenFutures project, which was funded by the European Commission as part of the sixth framework program for collaborative working environments. OpenFutures project explored Future Centers and other future-oriented open innovation environments from four perspectives.


OpenFutures: Operating System for Future Centers

The OpenFutures book Operating System for Future Centers will be available at the beginning of January 2009.

The OpenFutures project examined Future Centers from four perspectives: the organizational, physical, methodological and technological. The insights, stories, knowledge recipes and recommendations are summarized in the book OpenFutures – An Operating System for Future Centers. It is a highly visual document, which provides insights into why organizations create Future Centers, how they are set up, run and renewed, and how they provide value.

This highly visual document, with artwork created especially for the publication, can be ordered as a print-on-demand book through the OpenFutures website: