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Opportunity enrichment for sustainable futures is at the core of this work.

A Global Lab for Climate Resilience

Too many innovation projects, even successful initiatives addressing global challenges like climate adaptation, take place in the confines of national, institutional or expertise silos. Often even successful results prove difficult to scale from place to place, and from local to global. This makes it difficult to tackle many of society’s major challenges effectively.

This is why we are working to co-create a Global Lab for Societal Innovation, which can address important societal issues as collaborative innovation projects – orchestrated initiatives which allows different organizations in different countries to work in a focused way, at the same time, on diverse aspects of major societal challenges.

Objectives of the Global Lab initiative

  • To work on creating breakthroughs on societal issues in an open, focused and orchestrated way;
  • To address societal challenges as a collaborative innovation project, bringing together relevant players from around the world to pool expertise and work together;
  • To become a laboratory for mission-driven innovation;
  • To contribute to a worldwide wave of positive change.

A number of modest Initial activities have been taking place since mid-2019.