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EURIS Project

EURIS is an inter-regional cooperation programme. European Collaborative and Open Regional Innovation Strategies.

EURIS project is happy to announce the launch of the “Open Innovation Toolbox”, a practical booklet proposing a handful of guides and tools targeting the main players on the Open Innovation game, companies and SMEs, and their main allies on such efforts, like networks and clusters organisations and knowledge and research centers.

The guides and tools disseminated through the toolbox are the main results of the 6 inter-regional sub-projects co-financed by EURIS, representing the concerted effort of more than 70 experts on the R&I field from the participant organisations.

The toolbox aims to support companies and their allies on better grasping the Open Innovation concept and to guide their first steps towards a more open and collaborative R&I. To that end, the guides and tools are keyed following their main target groups: copmanies; networks, clusters and intermediaries; research and knwledge institutes; and regional authorities and development and innovation agencies.

Following the needs of companies and potential practitioners of Open Innovation, the toolbox proposes 10 guides and tools, providing guidance and responses to the  key  O.I. topics.

via EURIS Project.