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Societal Innovation as a Collective Learning Opportunity

Impact Hub Amsterdam’s Hubmaker Tatiana Glad interviewed Hank Kune about his work in late 2012, and the interview was published in the on-line Impact Hub blog in February 2013.

In the interview Hank discusses on-going work with societal innovation initiatives in Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. “I like the concept of societal innovation, which can have ramifications across the entire society,” he says. “It is much more difficult to achieve than one-off interventions and often emerges as a result of a number of social innovations linked with technological innovations linked to changes in relationships people have with each other and with society.” Entrepreneurs are needed for the innovation impulse and to try to make new things manifest. Prototyping good ideas and the spirit of experimentation are required. You can only discover how to do it by taking the next step.

The interview is one of a series of Impact Stories appearing regularly on the Impact Hub blog. It can be downloaded here: hub-interview-hankkune-on-societal-innovation_112012

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