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Future Center Study Group

A number of Japanese organizations from the world of business, the public sector and universities have initiated a Future Center Studies Group (FCSG) in order investigate relevant models for future centers in Japanese organizations. The group meets regularly to explore good practice in existing future centers, living labs and other innovation- enabling environments from diverse perspectives: open innovation, value creation, place versus space, future orientation and organizational renewal.

The FCSG wants to discover how best to create open, expansive – even enjoyable – workspaces, which encourage collaboration, unlock creativity, leverage people’s potential, facilitate teams to push beyond limits, and enable organizations to innovate. They recognize that, “if it were easy to do, our organizations would all be doing it already.”

There is no single ‘ideal’ model, and diverse working models are successful in some contexts, less so in others. This year, the FCSG will address diverse issues relating to the ‘future of future centers,’ hoping to learn about relevant business models to turn creativity and entrepreneurial spirit into innovation excellence.