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Living Labs Information Event in Brussels

The European Commission is organizing a Living Labs Information Event, to be held in Brussels on Wednesday, 14 January 2009: 10:30-17:30 hrs.

A Living Lab is a user-driven open innovation ecosystem based on a business – citizens – government partnership, which enables users to take an active part in the research, development and innovation process.

  • bringing the users early into the creative process in order to better discover new and emerging behaviours and user patterns;
  • bridging the innovation gap between technology development and the uptake of new products and services involving all relevant players of the value network via partnerships between business, citizens, and government;
  • allowing for early assessment of the socio-economic implications of new technological solutions by demonstrating the validity of innovative services and business models.

The information event in January will provide opportunities to exchange Living Labs related information, potentially relevant in the context of the FP7 ICT 4th and 5th Calls for Proposals, and for the CIP ICT-PSP (ICT Policy Support Programme) 3rd Call, all foreseen for 2009.

The event programme, registration form, privacy statement and map are now available through the European Commission website: